Tuition and Fee – Waivers and Exemptions

The tuition and fee information provided below is not intended to be comprehensive and is subject to changes made by the Texas Legislature or University of Houston Board of Regents.  Contact the Bursar's Office for additional information regarding waivers and exemptions.

Faculty and Dependents (54.059 Texas Education Code)—Teachers, professors and researchers of state institutions of higher education are entitled to register themselves, their spouses, and their children by paying resident tuition and fees. This residence waiver is without regard to the length of time they have resided in Texas, provided the employees are employed at least one-half time.

Student Employees (54.063 Texas Education Code)—Teaching assistants and research assistants are entitled to register themselves, their spouses and their children by paying the tuition and other fees charged to Texas residents. This residency waiver is without regard to the length of time they have resided in Texas, provided the students are employed at least one-half time in a teaching or research position relating to their degree program.

Military Personnel and Dependents (54.058 Texas Education Code)—Officers or enlisted personnel of the Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard, Air National Guard, Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Navy, Navy Reserve, Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reserve, Coast Guard or Coast Guard Reserves of the United States who are assigned to duty in Texas are entitled to register themselves, their spouses and their children at the University by paying Texas resident tuition and fees. This tuition waiver is without regard to the length of time they have been assigned to duty or resided in the state.

Blind and Deaf Students (Section 54.205, Texas Education Code)—Blind or deaf students who are residents are entitled to exemption from tuition and certain fees if they present: (1) Certification of blindness or deafness (2) Proof of Texas residency (3) High School diploma or GED equivalency (4) Letter of recommendation by high school principal, clergyman, public official or other responsible individual and (5) Letter of student intent.

Senior Citizens (Section 54.210, Texas Education Code)—
Senior citizens (persons 65 years and older) who wish to obtain academic credit may enroll for up to six semester credit hours of courses offered by the University each term without payment of tuition if space is available and if admission requirements are met. The student is still responsible for the payment of fees other than tuition. Credit hours taken in excess of six hours will be charged the normal tuition and fees.

A senior citizen who wishes to audit any course offered by the University may do so without payment of tuition and fees, providing space is available and normal auditing requirements are met.

Texas Veterans (Hazlewood Act, Section 54.203, Texas Education Code)—The University exempts students from paying tuition and fees excluding property deposit and student service fees. Eligibility requirements include: the student must have resided in Texas for 12 months prior to registration; must have been a legal resident of Texas at the time of entry; must have served in the armed forces at least 180 days of active duty; must have an honorable discharge or a general discharge under honorable conditions; not be eligible for federal education benefits such as: Federal Pell or SEOG grants; if eligible, cannot exceed the amount of tuition and fees; not be in default of Hinson-Hazlewood college student loan or a federal loan; and must have less than 150 credit hours taken on the Hazlewood Act since the Fall, 1995.

For additional information about the Hazlewood Act, and access to the Hazlewood application, see the link: .

Children of Disabled Texas Peace Officers and Firefighters (Section 54.204, Texas Education Code)—The University also exempts students whose parent has suffered an injury resulting in death or disability sustained in the line of duty. Eligible parents include full-paid or volunteer firefighters; full-paid municipal, county, or state peace officers; custodial employees of the Texas Department of Corrections, and game wardens. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board must certify the student’s eligibility.

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