Policy on Financial Responsibility

Students incur charges for a variety of services provided by the UH System, the University and community colleges, including bookstore, security, parking and food services.  It is the expectation, as well as a condition of enrollment at the University of Houston-Victoria, that students satisfy their financial responsibilities in a timely manner.  Students may be subject to one or more of the following sanctions if they are delinquent in meeting university financial obligations:

  1.  Financial holds paid by means of personal check are not lifted until the personal check has cleared banking process.  Financial holds paid by cash, cashier’s check, money order, or credit card are lifted within 24 hours.  
  2.  Late payment service fees may be assessed.
  3.  Financial holds will be placed preventing the release of transcripts and further enrollment at UHV or other UH campuses.
  4.  Credit and grades for work done may be held and grades may be changed to W for students who fail to pay by the end of the semester.
  5.  Degrees may be delayed or not conferred until financial obligations have been satisfied.
  6.  Non-payment by the end of the semester and after due notice will result in transfer of the student’s account to an outside collection agency with assessment of additional collection fees.
  7.  The delinquency will be reported to the credit bureau which may adversely affect credit worthiness.
  8.  The delinquency will be reported to the State and a hold will be activated.  This hold will prohibit reimbursement of funds payable to the student from any state agency.

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