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Campus Safety Manual

Elevator Evacuation Procedure
Quick Reference Guide

Assessment of Conditions

  • ðDetermine the number of the stalled elevator car
  • ðAscertain that the mainline disconnect switch is in the "ON" position
  • ðAscertain that the emergency stop switch is in the "RUN" position
  • ðTry activating the Firefighters' Service Operation Phase I lobby key switch to "ON" position to recall the elevator car to the main floor - requires use of a fire service key (Key # 2389)
  • ðIf this does not work, it will be necessary to determine the position of the elevator and continue with the evacuation procedure IF the elevator car is at or near landing

NOTE:  If it is determined that the elevator car is NOT located at or near landing, STOP, an emergency evacuation of car passengers will be attempted by factory trained elevator technicians only.

Evacuation Procedure - Elevator Car at or Near Landing

  • ðSet the mainline disconnect switch for the stalled elevator in the "OFF" position
  • ðOpen the elevator exterior door using the door key device to release the door
  • ðAscertain that the elevator car is within 18" of the loading zone and proceed with the elevator evacuation

NOTE:  The university rescue team is trained in the proper evacuation procedure rescue attempt for this position ONLY.

  • ðCommunicate to the elevator car passengers
    • to stand clear of the door since an attempt will be made to open it
    • not to attempt to exit the elevator car if the door is opened
    • it will be necessary for a rescue team member to enter the elevator car first before allowing passengers to exit
  • ðEnter the elevator car and set the emergency stop switch in the "STOP" position - requires use of an emergency stop switch key (Key # 2395)
  • ðAssist the passengers in leaving the elevator car, one at a time, instructing each passenger to watch their step

DO NOT attempt to restore power to the stalled elevator. A factory trained elevator technician must perform a function check before restoring power.

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