Appendix D1: Critical and Deferrable Department Tasks

Revised: June 6, 2012

Academic Center Provide state-mandated testing (THEA Quick Test and TExES) Delay
Academic Center Provide tutoring & testing services to students and faculty Delay
Administration & Finance University deposits Critical
Administration & Finance Payroll distribution Critical
Administration & Finance Manual checks Critical
Administration & Finance Oversight of Office of Financial Aid Critical
Administration & Finance Administration & Finance oversight responsibilities Delay
Administration & Finance Chief finance officer responsibilities Delay
Administration & Finance University Administrative Policies & Procedures administration Delay
Admissions & Records Producing student records (transcripts, enrollment verifications, etc.) on demand Critical
Admissions & Records Producing schedules and scheduling rooms for ongoing UHV classes Critical
Admissions & Records Intake of student documents & working with students to admit then to UHV Delay
Admissions & Records Administering registration Delay
Admissions & Records Guiding students & administering paperwork required for degree completion and graduation Delay
Admissions & Records Grading process Delay
Admissions & Records Creating and maintaining UHV course inventory Delay
Admissions & Records Producing reports for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the U.S. Department of Education and other external and internal agencies Delay
Admissions & Records Producing the UHV catalog Delay
Athletics Practices Delay
Athletics Games Delay
Athletics Eligibility of student athletes Critical
Athletics Reporting to NAIA or other agencies Critical
Budget Budget Transfers Critical
Budget Budget Overrides Critical
Budget Preparation & Implementation of Annual Operations Budget Delay
Budget Preparation of Legislative Appropriation Request (LAR) Delay
Budget Monitoring of Cost Centers Delay
Budget Providing Budget Management Assistant Delay
Budget Budget Reports and Correspondence Delay
Budget Funding Position Request Delay
Business Services Purchasing (central procurement) Critical
Business Services ProCard Services (more procurement services) Critical
Business Services Campus Safety/Security Critical
Business Services Contract Administration Critical
Business Services Bursar and Student Receivables Collections Delay
Business Services Mail & Shipping services Delay
Business Services Parking Delay
Business Services Records Retention Delay
Career Services Resumption of Services Delay
Facilities Services Maintenance Critical
Facilities Services Custodial Activities Critical
Facilities Services Ground Maintenance Critical
Facilities Services Energy Efficiency Critical
Facilities Services Construction & Remodeling projects through coordination with contractors Critical
Facilities Services Key Issuance Critical
Facilities Services Ensuring utilities are maintained Critical
Facilities Services Special Events Delay
Facilities Services Surplus Property Management Delay
Facilities Services Purchasing and Budgeting Delay
Facilities Services Property Management Delay
Facilities Services Fleet Operations Delay
Facilities Services Maintains Record Retention Delay
Facilities Services Custodian of Blue Prints Delay
Finance Cashiering Critical
Finance Central Receiving Critical
Finance Auditing Vouchers Critical
Finance Accounts Payable Processing Critical
Finance Travel Coordination Delay
Finance State Accounting Delay
Finance Financial Reporting Delay
Finance Account Reconciliaitons Delay
Finance PS Financial Training Delay
Finance Property Accounting Delay
Human Resources Payroll Critical
Human Resources Benefits Critical
Human Resources Employment Critical
Human Resources Employment Relations Critical
Human Resources Affirmative Action Critical
Human Resources Compensation Delay
Human Resources Training Coordination Delay
Information Technology Network Support Critical
Information Technology Software Support Critical
Information Technology PC Workstation Support Critical
Information Technology Telecommunication Critical
Information Technology Computer Lab and Computer Lab Support Critical
Information Technology Web Support Critical
LEAD and Student Recruitment Lead Educational Awareness programs/presentations Delay
LEAD and Student Recruitment Mentor Training and support Delay
LEAD and Student Recruitment Ambassador program which visits area schools Delay
LEAD and Student Recruitment Recruitment visits Delay
LEAD and Student Recruitment G-Force visits Delay
LEAD and Student Recruitment College counseling appointments Delay
LEAD and Student Recruitment Outreach events Delay
Library Maintain a web site for access to library materials & services from any site with an Internet connection Critical
Library Collect and house materials for information and research needs Delay
Library Circulate materials to students, facility/staff and the general public Delay
Library Provide study areas and in-house computers for patron use Delay
Library Maintain and house United States and Texas documents Delay
Library Provide a Regional History Center for patron use Delay
Library Provide Interlibrary Loan services for students, faculty and staff Delay
Marketing Communications & Marketing Critical
Marketing Public/Media Relations Critical
Marketing Community Relations Critical
Marketing Collaborative & cooperative agreements of economic development nature Delay
Marketing Oversight of Community & Economic Development Delay
Office of Financial Aid Procedures of awarding, reviewing eligibility, and authorizing the release of student financial aid. Critical
Office of University Advancement Alumni Relations Delay
Office of University Advancement Development Delay
President's Office Formulates university plans and policies Critical
President's Office Meets the educational needs of the region Critical
President's Office Develops and manages the university's fiscal resources Critical
President's Office Establishes a campus atmosphere that builds strong relationship with faculty, staff, students & addresses campus & statewide concerns Delay
President's Office Participates in UH System, statewide and local activities Delay
President's Office Develops and sustains relationships with legislators Delay
Provost Office Communications and interactions with the UH system, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools on academic matters Critical
Provost Office Instruction and research Critical
Provost Office Academic programs and policies Delay
Provost Office Faculty hiring and evaluation Delay
Provost Office Institutional planning, assessment, and research Delay
Provost Office Site operations of UH system at Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch Delay
Provost Office Academic administration, planning and budgeting Delay
Research Administration Contract Administration - Award Acceptance Critical
Research Administration Financial Reporting Critical
Research Administration Technical Reporting Delay
Research Administration Account Reconciliations Delay
Research Administration Invoicing Delay
School of Arts & Science Teach Students Delay
School of Arts & Science Produce research Delay
School of Arts & Science Perform professional, community & institutional service Delay
School of Business Administration Teaching BBA & MBA courses online and Face to Face in Victoria, Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch Critical
School of Business Administration Delivering student services, I.e., degree planning Critical
School of Business Administration Providing support to faculty and performing other administrative functions, e.g. HR, finance Critical
School of Education & Human Development Communication with students, faculty and staff. Critical
School of Education & Human Development Delivery of courses to students Delay
School of Education & Human Development The maintenance of student records Delay
School of Education & Human Development The provision of student assistance in filing for certification examinations and certificates of completions Delay
School of Nursing Deliver courses via face-to-face, ITV and online modalities Critical
School of Nursing Deliver student services (degree planning, advising, etc.) Critical
School of Nursing Provide support for faculty teaching, research and service activities Delay
School of Nursing Maintain communication with other university entities Delay
School of Nursing Perform other administrative functions Delay
Small Business Development Center Assistance in preparing disaster or other related loan packages to obtain disaster relief Critical Within 3 days
Small Business Development Center Specialized information on, or referral to, other available local, state, or federal resources, which might include providing workshops or informational seminars on topics directly related to the event , e.g. loan programs, etc. Critical Within 3 days
Small Business Development Center Assistance in evaluating their financial position resulting from the interruption. Critical Within 3 days
Small Business Development Center At a minimal, three professional staff should be available, this includes the Director and the Associate Director Critical Within 3 days
Small Business Development Center Support staff are encouraged to be available to assist in recovery efforts if at all possible. Critical Within 3 days
Student Affairs Assisting faculty with online course design and development Critical
Student Affairs Oversight of Office of Admissions & Records Critical
Student Affairs Grant writing and evaluation Delay
Student Affairs Providing faculty training & support in the instructional us of technology Delay
Student Affairs Coordinating distance education activities with the other UH system campuses Delay
Student Affairs Oversight of Student Recruitment, Relations, LEAD & Car. Serv. Delay
Student Affairs Recruiting at high school during college/career days Delay
Student Affairs Recruiting at junior colleges Delay
Student Affairs Coordinating dual admissions with Victoria College, Wharton County Jr. College, Blinn College and Costal Bend College Delay
Student Services Assisting OAR, Financial Aid, Bursar, and other student question's through UHV Student Solutions Critical
Student Services Student Relations Services Critical
Student Services Assisting disabled students in guiding them through the University process. Critical
Student Services Crisis Referral Critical
Student Services Determining and making ADA accommodations in the classroom Delay
Student Services Requesting of university materials from Webmaster by e-mail Delay
Student Services Student Handbook Delay
Student Services Handling of Requests from suggestion box Delay
Student Services Planning of commencement exercises Delay
Student Services Math awareness Day Delay
Student Services Student Awards Banquet Delay
Training & Continuing Education Provide non-credit/CEU courses & training to the regional community Delay
Training & Continuing Education Community Development Research Delay