Appendix C7: Administration and Finance Risk Analysis Profile

The Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance is located in room 118 of the West Building.  The major office functions are:

  1. Administration and Finance oversight responsibilities
  2. Chief Finance Officer responsibilities
  3. University Administrative Policies and Procedures administration
  4. University deposits
  5. Payroll distribution
  6. Manual checks

Of the above tasks, those considered critical during an emergency interruption include:  University deposits, Payroll distribution and manual checks.

Immediately following the business interruption, the following personnel would have to be on site or at the alternate location:

  • Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • Sr. Administrative Assistant

University policies and procedures are maintained in hard copy in the office with only web site back up.  If policies were not available due to damage and web site was not available due to damage, intermediate policies may need to be established as necessary.

Manual checks could be issued in coordination with Accounts Payable in Finance Office, if necessary.  Payroll checks would be issued from Houston if service from Human Resources in Victoriawere adequate for payroll input.

Emergency Equipment Needs:

  1. One (1) PC with network and Internet access
  2. Standard office supplies
  3. Emergency AP Payment Requests
  4. Minimal work area for two (2) persons.
  5. Cellular telephone for communications with UH System and businesses.
  6. Typewriter

Impact of business interruption in this department could have an effect on emergency manual checks and payroll process and University deposits.  Other departmental tasks are not as critical and can be handled with reasonable time constraints and considerations.