Appendix C6: Financial Aid Risk Analysis Profile

The Office of Financial Aid, located in UW Room 110, is one of the departments that make up the Division of Student Affairs. The major function is the administering and processing of Federal, State, Institutional and Outside Agency student financial aid programs within the guidelines and regulations.

The ongoing procedures of awarding, reviewing eligibility, and authorizing the release of student financial aid is the critical function that will be important depending on the nature of the emergency event.

Immediately following the business interruption, the following personnel would have to be on site or at the alternate location:

  • Director of Financial Aid
  • Financial Aid Coordinator
  • One Financial Aid Specialist
  • Senior Secretary

Student Financial Aid forms, Federal and State Financial Aid regulations, scanned student files, the grant and loan delivery programs (COD, EdConnect, eMPN and ELM Resources) and PeopleSoft financial aid module and myUHV self service for students are all available online. The UHV Financial Aid Manual is available on the local network drive.

In case of fire, all student files are in fireproof filing cabinets and/or scanned into Laserfische, a content management drive.

Emergency Equipment and Supplies

  1. Four (4) PCs with network and internet access and a network printer
  2. Copier/Scanner
  3. Standard Office supplies
  4. A minimal work area for 4 people
  5. Two standard telephone lines or cellular phones

The administrative functions of the Office of Financial Aid will be hindered if internet and network access is unavailable. The timely delivery of financial aid to the student accounts and gathering student academic information from Admissions and Registrar/Records modules could be hindered.  Complying with Return of Title IV funds, federal and state disbursement requests, and a few other federal regulations would be difficult due to timelines that must be met.