Appendix C3: Facilities Services Risk Analysis Profile

The Department of Facilities Services is one of six departments that make up the Division of Administration and Finance. Major functions can be summarized as physical plant operations:

    1. Maintenance
    2. Custodial Activities
    3. Grounds Maintenance
    4. Special Events
    5. Surplus Property Management
    6. Energy Efficiency
    7. Purchasing and Budgeting
    8. Construction and re-modeling projects through coordination with Contractors
    9. Property Management
    10. Fleet Operations
    11. Key Issuance
    12. Custodian of Blue Prints
    13. Ensuring Utilities are maintained
  • Of the above tasks, those considered critical during an emergency interruption include; disconnect or re-connection of utility services, all maintenance emergencies to include generator operation; check/repair all doors for building security; custodial cleanup and key issuance. Appointing and directing contractor services may be essential depending on the nature of the emergency event. Search for occupants and survey and assessment of buildings for needs and condition.
  • Immediately following the business interruption, the following personnel would have to be on site or at the alternate location:
    1. Director of Facilities Services
    2. Building Maintenance Manager
      1. Senior Maintenance Technicians (2)
      2. Maintenance Technician
    3. Assistant Director of Facilities Services
      1. Lead Custodians (3)
    4. Grounds Supervisor
  • Regular grounds maintenance could be interrupted for up to one week
  • Coordinating Facilities Events could be phased in during days 8-30 and are considered non-critical during a 30-day interruption.
  • Facilities Services personnel required to be on-site within two (2) business days to support critical service tasks are as follows (priority in order listed);
      1. Facilities Services Director
      2. Assistant Director of Facilities Services
      3. Building Maintenance Manager
      4. Senior Maintenance Technicians
      5. Maintenance Technician
      6. Administrative Secretary
      7. Grounds Supervisor
      8. Grounds Staff
  • Facilities Services personnel required to be on-site within 72 hours of incident to continue minimal critical operations (priority in order listed);
      1. Custodial Staff
      2. Sr. Facilities Events Assistant
      3. Sr. Secretary
      4. Lead Custodians
  • Emergency Equipment that will be needed immediately and within three business days following the business interruption.
      1. Two (2) PCs with network and internet access
      2. Two radio transmitters for in-house communications
      3. At least two (2) telephones with separate line access
      4. Standard Office Supplies
      5. Necessary tools, equipment and supplies to repair any building damage that may pose immediate unlawful access to any building
      6. Essential supplies and equipment to clean possibly water damaged areas; fallen debris, etc
      7. An office type work environment for at least three (3) people and shop type work area for a minimum of six (6) people
      8. Video camera to record all damage, and items removed during clean up after an inventory is recorded.
      9. Portable toilets on site (if utilities are not available)

Mold growth can begin within a few days, or even hours in the absence of air conditioning or other humidity controls. If people are present in the building, Facilities Services should be present to provide expected services to occupants and buildings.