Appendix C-23: Student Retention and Academic Success Risk Analysis Profile

Major Departmental Tasks:
Student Retention and Academic Success is a part of the Department of Student Affairs and monitors university-wide student retention efforts: early intervention, parent programming, and mentoring and provides services to students with disabilities.

Major functions:
    • Support parent programming 
    • Manage academic early alert systems
    • Provide mentoring services to students on the Victoria campus
    • Provide disability services to qualified students

Tasks Considered Important (by end of first week):

        1. Communicate with parents about already scheduled event.
        2. Communicate with disabled students who are receiving accommodations

Tasks Considered Less Important (within 30 days):
        1. Resume scheduling of events
        2. Resume mentoring 
        3. Resume early alert activities
        4. Work with students and faculty to make appropriate accommodations for students under ADA

Minimal Emergency Personnel:

        • Director of Student Retention and Academic Success

Minimal Emergency Equipment Needs:

        • Access to computer with network access

General Impact Statement:

The support offered by Student Retention and Academic Success would be minimally affected by a business interruption.  The most critical task is ensuring appropriate accommodations are not interrupted for students who have qualified for them.  The other important task is contacting parents about already-scheduled events.