Appendix C17: Letting Education Achieve Dreams (LEAD) and Student Recruitment Risk Analysis Profile

Major Departmental Tasks:
The Office of Letting Education Achieve Dreams (LEAD) and Student Recruitment is a part of the Division of the Student Affairs. The major tasks of LEAD and Student Recruitment are to provide college awareness information and enrolment assistance to underrepresented students and to recruit UHV’s underclassmen each year.

Major Functions:     

  1. Establish and maintain communications with and outreach presentations for area middle schools, high schools, community colleges and businesses/organizations, both on campus at UHV and off campus.    
  2. Make recruitment presentations and conduct related activities at high schools, community colleges, in the community and on the UHV campus.    
  3. Provide ongoing communication with and guidance to prospective students.

Tasks Considered Important: (by end of first week)

  • Establish communications with partner institutions and organizations.

Tasks Considered Less Important: (Resumption up to 30 days)

  • Resume recruitment activities
  • Processing of time sheets and vouchers

Minimal Emergency Personnel: (On-site within 2-3 business days)

  •  Senior Director for Enrollment Management
  • Manager, LEAD and Student Recruitment
  • Senior Secretary

Minimal Emergency Equipment Supply Needs:

  • Phone or cell phones
  • Two PC’s w/network and internet access and printer, networked if possible.
  • Copier
  • Standard office supplies
  • Minimal work area for three people

General Impact Statement (Emergency event causing a business interruption up to 30 days):
Because of the flexible nature of LEAD and Student Recruitment, the impact of a business interruption should be minimal. The only time-critical tasks include contacting individual/groups that are scheduled for appointments and events and maintaining contacts with prospective students to prepare them for matriculation.