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Budget Department

Date Planning Event
OCTOBER 2013  
Late October Staff Employee Performance Appraisals sent out by Human Resources
October 31 Board of Regents Meetings to determine Tuition and Fee structure
Early-November Job Reclassification requests sent out by Human Resources
Late November Enrollment Projections meeting to be attended by Sr. Director for Enrollment Management & Retention, AVP for Student Affairs, Deans, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs, and VP for Administration and Finance
Late November President completes prioritization of University strategies
Late November FY 15 Planning and Budget Instructions available on Budget website
November-January 9 Units prepare FY 15 budget requests, communicating with faculty/staff and other units affected. (Reclassifications should not be in the budget requests).
December 9 Staff Employee Performance Reviews due to Human Resources
December 13 Job Reclassification Requests due to Human Resources
December Preparation of Annual Plan begins. Annual Plan to Provost Office for review
January 9 Budget Committee conducts “Budget Hearings.” Cabinet-level supervisors present components’ FY 15 annual plan and budget requests. Department heads may be requested by cabinet-level supervisors to attend.
Mid-January Budget Committee approves draft of Tuition and Fees
Mid-January Tuition and Fee Committee meets to determine changes
Mid-January Public Hearing on Tuition and Fee changes.
Mid-January Budget Committee makes decision on FY14 Mid-year raises
Late-January Budget Committee reviews Annual Plan
Late-January Budget Committee reviews and makes decisions on Job Reclassifications and forwards to HR and Budget Office
Late-January FY 14 Merit recommendation forms sent to Department Heads (if merit is available)
February 4 Tuition and Fees materials (Agenda items and PowerPoint presentation due to UHS)
Early February Conduct Salary and Market Survey
Mid-February Budget Committee makes decision on FY15 Merit raises
Mid-February Budget guideline details from System (endowment income estimates, investment income estimates, debt service, service charges, etc.)
Mid-February Budget Committee reviews Annual Plan
Late February Budget Committee tentatively finalizes the FY 15 budget
Late February Distribute FY15 budget information to the Cabinet-level supervisor who may request reconsideration in accordance with stated procedures
Late February Departments submit a Job Analysis Questionnaire form (JAQ) to the Human Resources office for any new staff position approved by the Budget Committee
Late February Faculty Evaluation Forms due to Provost
February 26 Board of Regents approves Tuition and Fees
MARCH 2014
Early March Budget Committee reviews Market Survey and makes Equity decisions
Mid-March FY15 Merit Raises processed (if funding is available)
Mid-March Budget Committee approves Annual Plan
Mid-March Campus materials due for Plan and Budget Hearings with Chancellor
Late March Plan and Budget hearings with Chancellor
Late March Budget entry begins in PeopleSoft
APRIL 2014
April 15 Plan and budget materials due to UH System.
April 30 Preparation Deadline for Board of Regents May meeting (Approval Item: UHS FY 2015 Plan & Budget)
MAY 2014
May 6-7 Board of Regents meeting for approval of UHS FY 15 Plan & Budget
May Megabud Reports for FY 15 budget sent to Departments for verification
Late May Begin LAR Preparation for FY 16-17

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