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Budget Department

Annual Budget Priorities for FY15

In response to a budgetary shortfall in FY 13, there are two basic priorities for the coming fiscal year: 1) focus on fund growth, student retention, and productivity; 2) reduce as necessary funding of activities not immediately related to those goals.

The following priorities should be observed:

  • Maintain the financial stability of the institution:
    • For FY14 and FY15 stability will require that we consolidate functions and reduce funding wherever it is possible to do so without significant deterrent to growth and quality.
    • It may also require modest and targeted increases in tuition and student fees.
  • Maintain university commitments to increasing enrollment and to collaborating in the delivery of academic programs and related services both on site and online:
    • To residential students in Victoria;
    • To commuting students in Greater Houston and throughout the service area.
  • Maintain the UH System’s commitment to providing access to the Greater Houston region and the state, making student success the top priority of this component university—as stated in the System’s Mission and Goals.
  • Assess and respond to educational, student life and academic support needs in Victoria and throughout the service area.
  • Assess and ensure quality throughout all aspects of the delivery of programs and services.
  • Support faculty research and professional development to the extent that resources permit.
  • Maintain and continue to improve technological resources, especially to facilitate delivery of effective instruction and related services.
  • Provide, insofar as possible, some meaningful recognition of the extraordinary efforts of faculty and staff to bring about the successful launch of UHV as a destination university, while also maintaining the university’s commitment to off-campus and online delivery of instruction and support services.