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Budget Department


From:             Dr. Philip Castille, Chair of Budget Committee
To:                 Department Heads
Date:              November 15, 2013
Subject:          FY 2014-2015 Budget Process

Budget hearings will be held on Thursday, January 9, 2014. The hearing schedule can be found on the Budget Department website at Hearings are open to all faculty, staff, and students. Planning and Budgeting Instructions are available at

Budget requests should be accompanied by a written explanation of the critical need for funding and a rationale of why reallocation within existing budgets cannot meet unit goals.

The oral presentation at the budget hearing should be concise and address the following:

  • An explanation of how your departmental budget fits with the University mission.
  • New opportunities and needs ranked in priority order and justified in terms of their importance to major program objectives.
  • Improved and more cost effective ways of carrying out present initiatives.
  • Budgeted activities or positions which can be reduced or eliminated when they no longer support program objectives.
  • A cost summary of the major budget requests. (May use Budget Request Summary form on Budget website)

The budget package submitted at the hearing consists of the following:

  • Unit Plan Form showing (1) summary of the unit assessment for the previous year, (2) brief narrative of how new resources for FY 2013-14 are advancing unit goals and strategies, and (3) clear statement of unit goals and strategies for FY 2014-15.
  • Budget forms: (1) Budget Request Summary (with all requests/needs in priority order) and (2) detailed Budget Request Forms for M&O, positions and capital items.

Questions related to the Unit Assessment should be addressed to Dr. Jill Fox (Ext. 4310) in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. If you have any other questions concerning the planning and assessing process, please contact Dr. Tong-Ai Zhang (Ext. 4323) in the Institutional Research Office. Additional information and the Unit Plan form are available at

If you have questions concerning budget requests and pertinent forms, please contact Karen Sanders (Ext. 4859) or Darlene Pullin (Ext. 4850) in the Budget Department. Additional information and forms are available at

Thank you for your work and support of the University of Houston -Victoria.