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Budget Department

General Budget Guidelines

Instructions for completing your unit budget templates:

  1. In your web browser type in the address: The form will open in an Excel file that may be completed and saved to your designated drive.

    Budget Request Summary
    (Budget request are summarized and totaled)

    M&O Budget Request Form
    (Request increases in Maintenance and Operations Funds)

    Position Request/Adjustment Form
    (Request increases in FTE or add a new position)

    Capital Budget Request
    (Request funding for equipment, furniture, or artwork costing at least $5,000 and having a useful life of more than one year)

  2.  Preparers should refer to the Salary/Wage Budgeting Instructions section to determine the procedures to follow for the Position Request/Adjustment Form.
  3. More than one source of funding may be indicated for a single objective. Please provide a clear explanation of the need for each proposal and how the requested need ties to the institution's goals and strategies. If part of the objective can be realized with partial funding, then please indicate. A phase in method over time may be requested. If so, please prioritize each phase. Be aware that funding for one or several phases does not guarantee funding for all phases. If funding involves more than one department, all department heads involved must be sure to sign the proposal.
  4. If a new initiative is required that involves several departments, the cabinet-level supervisor must be prepared to come to the hearings with one of the following:
    • Department sign-off
    • Objection from other department or division or committee and rationale for that objection.
    • Alternative solution.

    If through the initial budget hearing, the budget committee is not in favor of approving additional funds for a new project, and if that new project will have implications for many departments, they may request a review by the appropriate department or committee--such as the Information Resource Technology Committee or the Marketing Committee.

  5. Merit compensation: Funding for merit is not yet known. Therefore, merit instructions will not be included in the budget hearings. Separate instructions detailing merit compensation will be distributed at a later date.
  6. Employee benefits for salaries not funded by the state must be provided from non state cost centers. Benefits cost should be calculated at 28% of the benefits eligible salary; 10% of non-benefits eligible salary. See the salary/wage budgeting instructions for more details.