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Budget Department

2012-13 (FY2013) Unit Planning Guidelines

Due to the early schedule of budget hearing, a draft of the institutional annual plan is not available by this time. Since we have just finished the assessment of the previous year (2010-11), please use your unit assessment report, along with the other institutional documents, as reference for your 2012-13 plan and budget requests.

  1. Please review the following documents when developing your new unit plan and budget requests:
    • Institutional mission, goals and budget priorities
    • Guide to Institutional Effectiveness System (IES)
    • Unit annual assessment 2010-11
      For the units who have not completed the 2010-11 unit assessment, complete the assessment report first.
  2. In preparing your unit plan and budget presentation, including the following:
    1. Unit Plan form

      Comment briefly on how any additional funds allocated to your unit last year were used. To what extent did they fulfill the purpose for which they were allocated and advance the strategic priorities of your unit and the university?

      Unit Goals/Strategies
      Indicate general unit goals/strategies for 2012-13, especially as those relate to overall university strategic priorities and initiatives. This is an important step for the assessment at the end of the year.

    2. Unit Performance Indicators form

      Complete the Unit Performance Indicators Form. The data in the Performance Indicators Form is based on your unit assessment reports of the previous years.
      Please review the records and set the Performance Objectives for 2012-13.
      If you need to alter or add new indicators, please mark the new additions. Academic schools may add to but should not alter the established indicators. Complete the form, save it on your hard drive/disk, and send a copy to IR.

    3. Budget Requests

      Indicate budget requests, using the Budget Request Forms.

  3. Note: The regular planning and assessment match the budgeting process
    1. We implement the current year's plan and budget until September 1 of the current year (Sept.1 to Aug.31).

    2. We assess last year's achievement and close the budget in August-September. (In the case of faculty achievements the prior calendar year applies.)

    3. We plan and budget for the next year in January-February. The planning and budget may start early based on the request of the system.