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Budget Department

Guidelines for Performance Indicators Form

Please refer to the Unit Performance Indicators Form while reading the guidelines.

The Performance Indicators Form consists of the following sections:

  1. Performance Indicators:
    Performance indicators are the important element used to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the unit in accomplishing its goals. In order to compare the performance of the unit over a period of time, performance indicators must be consistent. Performance indicators may change if the goals or functions of the unit have changed or the unit has been able to define and track data on more appropriate variables.

  2. Achievement Record:
    This column helps to benchmark the performance of the unit. The goal is to build a record of performance data for the previous 3-5 years. This will provide valuable information for setting up realistic and reliable objectives of performance in the future. According to the planning cycle of UHV, the last completed assessment was for 2009-10.

    Note: The unit assessment report for 2010-11 should be due by Nov.1, 2011.

  3. Performance Objectives:
    Set up the targets for performance outcomes for the budget year (2012-13).

  4. Assessment:
    This column will be used for your assessment results by the end of the year. During September 2013, you can widen this column and enter your assessment results into it.

Please save a copy for yourself and email a copy of both your Unit Plan Form and Performance Indicators Form to IR. This step is important for your annual assessment by the end of the year.

Check List for Unit Plans and Budget Requests

Have you included all of the following in your unit plan and budget request?

_________ Unit Plan: Preface & Unit Goals/Strategies
_________ Performance Indicators Form
_________ Budget Requests Summary
_________ Budget Requests Forms